‘Tracing a Journey’ Exhibit Draws Praise

by Jo Ann Dold, OP

Many of the guests who visit Sinsinawa Mound Center each year tour the “Tracing a Journey” exhibit about the life and legacy of Father Samuel Mazzuchelli, OP. Here are some notes from this year’s visitors.

Mazzuchelli Exhibit“Mazzuchelli! A truly holy and humanitarian priest who practiced humility but was large in spirit and presence. I was truly amazed that he received his American citizenship in Burlington, IA, Des Moines County Courthouse!”

“This was a great experience for me and my family.”

“We have long talked about coming to Sinsinawa and were looking for a peace-filled day. In looking at all the parishes, we stopped at the picture of St. Rose Academy in Galena. On the left, right next to the Academy, is our home. Learning about Father Mazzuchelli and his work and knowing those who built and lived in our home must have been touched by his life and ministry—I was brought to tears. Thank You!”

“Thank you for the exhibit. It is not only a journey of a man’s life—but also of the region—and of all who encountered him along the path. I was glad ‘to meet him’ today. As a coincidence perhaps, I have been reading a book about the process of becoming a saint. Though I am not religious, I have that question of humans and holiness. Thanks for the wonderful example of a man who was a humanitarian, an open-minded person, and a saint.”

Mazzuchelli Exhibit“It was so nice to see this exhibit as I have long been interested in Fr. Mazzuchelli. He married my great-great-great-grandparents . . . at the Mound May 29, 1845. Thank you for displaying this wonderful exhibit.”

“I am a senior at Trinity High School [River Forest, IL]. I am meeting with many of the Sisters who worked at Trinity. This is a beautiful place with a rich history.”

“After reading about Fr. Samuel, I knew I needed to come here and feel his presence in my life. Thanks for opening this site for us. God’s blessings.”

“What a godly man! Glory to God!”

“Remarkable story of a man who dedicated his daily life to building up the Catholic Church and surrounding communities . . . definitely a ‘saint’ of a man.”

“My great-grandfather was baptized by Fr. Mazzuchelli in Benton in 1851 . . . my Dad’s cousin was a Dominican Sister who died here.”

“This is a very inspiring exhibit. Having graduated from Rosary [College, River Forest, IL], I knew some of the history of Fr. Samuel, but not the extent of his involvement with the Native Americans and the building/founding of churches throughout the area.”

“This is my first visit to Sinsinawa Mound, and I am profoundly touched by its beauty and serenity. The Mazzuchelli exhibit is wonderful. I must return on my next visit to Iowa.”

“I’m in 5th grade and enjoyed walking around the museum and learning about Fr. Samuel.”

“My husband’s grandmother lived in Benton, WI. We have heard and now share many stories of the amazing and truly blessed Fr. Mazzuchelli.”

“With your great sense of charity and justice, I believe your causes would best be served by returning this sacred place to the Potowatami from whom it was stolen.”

“I am a senior at Trinity High School. I am here with four other members of the Trinity community and we simply ADORE the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters. Beautiful and informative.”

“Very well organized. Lots of good artifacts and informative.”

“I never heard of Fr. Mazzuchelli. I am visiting east of Galena and was told about Sinsinawa by a Methodist! I’m a cradle Catholic (57 years) and have really been struggling with my faith the last few years. It is curious that I am here!”

“I just love this museum! Thanks for sharing this special time!”

“I continue my daily prayer and petitions to Fr. Samuel for my family.”

“Amazing man! Amazing exhibit!”

“The Mississippi River Valley would not be the same. Who knows where we would be without Fr. Samuel’s help!”

“Wonderful exhibit. I have a store and encourage people to come.”

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