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Edgewood Campus School (ECS), Madison, WI, joined Catholic communities around the globe to celebrate Catholic Sisters Week (CSW) March 8–14. Pictured are (from left) Marie Lucek, OP, and Maureen McDonnell, OP, who visited ECS during CSW and admired the colorful appreciation bulletin board that named all the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa in the Madison area (background).

Setting Out Anew
The Great Pause


Whee! As though on an unpredictable ride in a water park, our lives were turned upside down in late February and March by a virus named COVID-19 (coronavirus). It has left in its wake death, overworked health care workers, mental health issues of every sort, a stoppage of economies, and stock markets now in flux that have significance for us all. Read more . . .


Leadership Council Term Extension


On March 31, the Vatican’s Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life (CICLSAL) approved the request from the 2019 Extraordinary Chapter to defer the 2021 General Chapter until 2023, with the corresponding extension of the term of office of the leadership of the Sinsinawa Dominican Congregation. Read more . . .


Sisters to Make Final Profession


The requests of Quincy Howard, OP; Christin Tomy, OP; and Nicole Reich, OP, to make perpetual profession were approved by the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa Leadership Council in April. Read more . . .


Music for a Better World:
Sr. Jo Ann Teaches Piano


You might say that music and a keyboard have been attached to the soul and hands of Jo Ann Dold, OP, since she was a little girl. She shared, “I always loved the music. I always thought that one should make the music beautiful. To me, sound is the same as what a writer does with words or a painter does with light and color and what they see. It’s the sound and the hearing and the speaking. And I thought all of them should be beautiful.” Read more . . .


‘My Slogan: Attainments, Not Diplomas!’

Two years before her death in 1936, Teresita Hession, OP, was asked by Mother Samuel Coughlin, OP (1868–1959), to write reminiscences of personal “educational and cultural contacts and advantages.” Teresita’s writing skills and sense of humor are evident on the opening page where she wryly speaks of “advantages” in contrast to credits and degrees. Read more . . .


‘Tracing a Journey’ Exhibit Draws Praise


Many of the guests who visit Sinsinawa Mound Center each year tour the “Tracing a Journey” exhibit about the life and legacy of Father Samuel Mazzuchelli, OP. Here are some notes from this year’s visitors. Read more . . .


‘Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic


In March, the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa Leadership Council wrote a letter to the Congregation to present precautions that Sisters should take in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in our world. They wrote, “As social distancing and cancellations may provide us with more personal quiet time and space, let us take those opportunities to widen the circle of those people and situations we bring to our prayer and contemplation. Read more . . .


Vietnamese Sister Grateful for Study


I remember our parents saying to us, “We did not have an opportunity to go to school, but we want you to have it. Even if we need to work harder or sell things we have from our home in order to get money for you to go to school, we will do it.” In my memory, our parents never refused whatever we needed for study. Read more . . .


sinsinawa a ‘Cool’ Place to Work


The Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce announced in April that the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa and Sinsinawa Mound Center are one of the 17 finalists in the “Coolest Places to Work” contest. The chamber is proud to honor tristate area companies that have gone above and beyond creating an engaging and rewarding work environment for their employees. Read more . . .


Edie Rice-Sauer Named Cornerstones Award Recipient


Every Feb. 5, the Congregation of the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa honors our Four Cornerstones, those early Sisters who faced a turning point: to disband because of poverty, hardship, and few members or to go forward into an unknown future with hope. Read more . . .


EHS Commemorates Catholic Sisters Week


Edgewood High School (EHS), Madison, WI, joined Catholic communities nationwide to commemorate Catholic Sisters Week March 8–14. The school community honored the women who dedicate their lives in service to the world as Catholic Sisters. Read more . . .


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