Peace & Justice

North American Justice Promoters Meet

by Brendan Curran, OP, and Reg McKillip, OP

North American Dominican Justice Promoters - memeThe North American Dominican Justice Promoters gathered for our annual planning meeting July 7–9 via Zoom videoconference. Thirty-four promoters, including Sisters, friars, and laity from the United States and Canada came together to strengthen our solidarity in the work.

The theme of this year’s conference was The Common Good in the COVID-19 World: The Work of Promoting Justice. The group discussed the critical work needed in this historic year of the COVID-19 pandemic, Black Lives Matter, and the antiracism movement. We acknowledged that these events exposed the inequities that exist in our world. These inequities for many years have grounded our work for justice. We realized the importance of participating in a movement that works to change these inequities and provides a vision of a just world.

Senior Advisor and former Co-President of Pax Christi International Marie Dennis was keynote speaker. She also serves on the Vatican Commission for confronting the COVID-19 pandemic. Marie presented a view of our world that was both devastating and hopeful. She challenged us to refresh our call to nonviolence as core to our work for justice and peace. Marie stated, “We actually may be awakening to the possibility of a long-term global shift away from the many expressions of violence that have been plaguing our world toward nonviolence, just peace, integral human development, and respect for the inherent worth and dignity of the created world. The COVID-19 pandemic is pointing to our deepest calling as a human family: to nurture a world of mercy, compassion, justice, and care for one another and the Earth rooted in the universal ethic of nonviolence.”

We were joined by the International Dominican promoters from Rome, Michael Deebs and Cecilia Espenilla, who connected us to the situation and needs of the broader Dominican Family. Dusty Farnan, OP (Adrian), our Dominican representative at the United Nations (UN), shared ways that we can participate in the UN, thus connecting us with collaborative movements around the world.

We reiterated our work of integral ecology, adapted from the writings of Pope Francis, to explore issues in the context of four key dimensions: social, Earth and environment, cultural, and economic conditions. It moves us to open our eyes to see our work interwoven among all that is happening in our world.

We ended our time by seeing ways that we could work more collaboratively and to understand more fully the spirituality of nonviolence. We know that it is only through nonviolence that our world can make the shift from one of violence and inequities to one that seeks the fullness of life for all.

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