Sparrow’s Nest Update

by Judy Lund, OP

Sparrow's Nest logoSparrow’s Nest in Kalispell is the only nonprofit in Montana that provides housing to teenagers at no cost to the youth or their family. We serve the homeless teen demographic and create lasting relationships with each of our students. We are unique in the sense that we serve the youth who may have fallen through the cracks and have few options for long-term housing. We have maintained a 90 percent graduation rate, meaning that almost every student who has come into Sparrow’s Nest’s care since opening our doors in 2016 has gone on to graduate and become a valuable member of our community and beyond. During 2019–20, we housed more students than ever. Every fall, we have sent one or two young students off to college with the tools and knowledge necessary to become responsible, healthy adults. We feel it is also a blessing to have our former residents continue to keep in touch with us.

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