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In each issue of Sinsinawa Spectrum in 2022,
we will print reflections from Sisters who responded to the question,

What do you love most about being a Dominican Sister of Sinsinawa?

Duchesne Maxwell, OP

I love our affection for one another.
Duchesne Maxwell, OP

Bev DiStefano, OP

I love the Sisters in our community and those whom I have met along the way.
Bev DiStefano, OP

Elizabeth Fiorite, OP I love our Sister companions and our coworkers in ministry.
Elizabeth Fiorite, OP
Peggy Ryan, OP I love the possibility we have of living simply, of creating a life where the rhythm of daily prayer is at the center of our lives, of opening ourselves up to where the people of God need us most, such as our recent commitment to go to the border. I love that we are friends of the old and the young. We can model for our Church the prophetic voice that religious life is meant to be. I am so proud of the fact that we are committed to antiracism and model that for others. I love that what takes up our time and energy are committee meetings on peace and justice. I love the fact that this life has taken me to live in a foreign country (Bolivia); learn a second language; and live in places like Montgomery, Atlanta, and inner-city Chicago that have shaped me and made me who I am today. I am so grateful for my education.
Peggy Ryan, OP
Mary Howard Johnstone, OP I love belonging—belonging to something I believe in and something bigger than myself.
Mary Howard Johnstone, OP
Maureen McPartland, OP There are so many of us, yet we are one.
Maureen McPartland, OP
Doris Rauenhorst, OP I am so grateful for the way my life as a Dominican Sister of Sinsinawa has opened so many new worlds to me and kept me grounded in my following of Jesus through hard times and (especially) through times of success and joyful, satisfying accomplishments.
Doris Rauenhorst, OP
Patricia Beckman, OP I love getting to know the amazing women who make up our community. My Sisters are a gift that keeps giving in my life!
Patricia Beckman, OP
Jo Ann Dold, OP I love our faith-filled living of our
common life together.
Jo Ann Dold, OP

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