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Sarah Anne Kaminski, OP, brought several monarch caterpillars inside Sinsinawa Mound so that Sisters and staff could watch the transformation from larva to chrysalis to butterfly. Once the life cycles were complete, Sarah Anne invited the Mound community to the courtyard to witness the releasing of the monarch butterflies. Catherine Meyering, OP (background), watches with others. Photo by Sr. Betty Kugi.

Animal Blessing

An animal blessing was held at Sinsinawa Mound and St. Dominic Villa in October in honor of the feast of St. Francis. Read more . . .

Grace, Mercy, Gratefulness
Thread Connects Our Journey

I firmly believe and know that the “Lord has laid his hands on me” for purposes beyond all my understanding. I know that all purposes are connected to relationships with the Lord. However, there is the common thread, the whole . . . that common thread that calls me to ministry, mission, and welcomes me to the family of the Lord, for which I am grateful. Read more . . .

Acid Mining Bill
Sr. Joan Testifies at Hearing

I am representing our Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa, WI, who have a long history in our state. We have served in Wisconsin since 1847. Presently we are over 400 Sisters; more than half of us live and serve in Wisconsin. Read more . . .

Understanding & Analyzing Systemic Racism
Crossroads Antiracism Workshop

I was fortunate to attend the two-and-a-half day Crossroads antiracism workshop at Sinsinawa Mound Sept. 22–24. Weeks later, the experience continues to resonate, informing my understanding of both personal and current events. Read more . . .

Catholic Social Teaching
Sr. Erica Promotes Common Good

My name is Sister Erica Jordan, and I am a Dominican Sister of Sinsinawa, WI. I am happy to be in Washington today to deliver a message to my congressional representative, Speaker Paul Ryan. Speaker Ryan reminds us often that we are his employer and that he works for us. Read more . . .

Gift of Abundance
Mound Harvest Plentiful

As summer moves into fall, we are celebrating the gift of abundance! Here is a glimpse of the various ecological activities underway at Sinsinawa Mound. We invite you to join us in our shared mission to care for Earth here at the Mound and beyond. Read more . . .

National Black Sisters Conference
Sisters Celebrate Joy

In July, Rosetta Marie Brown, OP, attended the National Black Sisters Conference (NBSC) in Orlando, FL. The theme for this year’s conference was the joy we have . . . The World Didn’t Give It, and the World Can’t Take It Away. Rosetta, one of the founding members of NBSC, was elected to the NBSC Board of Directors on July 11. Read more . . .

Prayer for Peace

The Sinsinawa community gathered Sept. 23, 2017, the International Day of Peace, to pray for an end to violence and hate around the world. Read more . . .

Dominicans Travel the Globe

Read about the Australian Adventure; Zealous in New Zealand; and Beauty in Bow Falls, Canada. Read more . . .

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