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On the Cover

Isabel Rafferty, OP, and Michael Dix (owner of Michael’s Frozen Custard) opened a pop-up art gallery in one of his vacant properties in Madison, WI. An inaugural event was held July 23 for friends, family, and guests. Pictured are (clockwise from top left) Sr. Pat Beckman listening as Sr. Isabel welcomes all to the art gallery; Srs. Margaret Mayce (Amityville), Judy Parent, and Mary Ellen O’Grady discussing the exhibit; and Srs. Mary Ann Nelson and Colleen Settles enjoying the newly created art space.

Speaking Truth in Presence of Racism
A Reflection on Living This Challenge from Our Corporate Stance

When I first became involved in prison ministry, I quickly recognized that racism was active in our prison system. I learned how the racism I witnessed actually works when I attended the first Crossroads training at Sinsinawa Mound. I have been so grateful to work with others in addressing this sin. We need each other if we are going to have the courage to overcome racism. Read more . . .


LCWR Meets


The Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa Leadership Council attended the 2021 Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) Assembly virtually Aug. 11–13. Read more . . .

Relationships for Mission
On Being Asian American Today


Growing up Filipina in a small Florida town (population 16,000), I was always aware of where I came from. My immigrant parents were proud of their heritage. They raised their children with traditional Filipino values and maintained close family and community ties. Read more . . .

Relationships for Mission
Responding to the Call
Candidate, Novice Continue Journey


The feast of St. Dominic is always one of joy and festivities for Dominicans. This year, first vespers of the feast, Aug. 7, was enhanced by two women who are now in the process of discernment of becoming Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa. Read more . . .

Peace & Justice
We Are on Native Land

When asked where you live, do you think first of the town or city in which you reside? Perhaps you name a specific neighborhood. Or maybe a geographical feature comes to mind, such as a watershed, a lake, a valley, or—to use a familiar example—a limestone mound. Read more . . .

Peace & Justice
Moving Laudato Si' Forward


Pope Francis’ landmark encyclical Laudato Si’ is already six years old. You have probably read, studied, and been inspired by it; however, the Pope now invites religious congregations to go the next step—to actually move the encyclical forward and to take significant action. As Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa, we have always responded to the “cry of Earth and the cry of the poor.” But it is now time for us to examine ways to further Laudato Si’ and to see all aspects of our mission in light of and through its lens. Read more . . .


Gratitude for Sr. Sarah Anne

Sister Sarah Anne Kaminski, OP (right), was thanked and blessed for her 25 years of service in the Congregation’s General Finance Office during an Evening Vespers of Gratitude service at Sinsinawa Mound June 22, 2021. Read more . . .

Girls Stories, Girls Voices
Edgewood Campus School Supports Program


For the past 22 years, Edgewood Campus School (ECS), Madison, WI, has hosted a weeklong summer program called “Girls Stories, Girls Voices.” Read more . . .

Earth Connections on Lake Wingra


Students at Edgewood Campus School (ECS), Madison, WI, are exploring the impact of human settlement on sacred Lake Wingra. Thanks to generous funding from ECS parents, Wisconsin Sea Grant, and the Natural Resource Foundation, students have been participating in a long-term, place-based research project since 2016. Read more . . .

Sr. Benedicta ‘Won All Hearts’


On Oct. 11, 1863, parishioners gathered for a special liturgy of confirmation in St. Matthew Church, Shullsburg, WI. Father Samuel Mazzuchelli, OP, brought a special choir from Benton that day—three of his Sister musicians. Among the crowd of parishioners, a young woman from Massachusetts listened to the beautiful voices of the Sisters and heard Fr. Samuel’s eloquent preaching. Read more . . .

Bus Wrap, Billboard
Call Attention to Human Trafficking


A public transit bus with a strong message is traversing streets in Dubuque, IA. The Tri-State Coalition Against Human Trafficking and Slavery sponsored the wrap featuring a photo of a young girl to drive home a growing reality—people are “Not for Sale: Stop Human Trafficking.” It includes the national hotline number: 888-373-7888. Read more . . .

Conversation on Racial Justice


The June session of Exploring Intersections: Catholic Sisters on Racism, Migration, and Climate focused on racial justice. Read more . . .

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