Celebrating 175 Years
Amazing, Inspiring, Good Companions

In each issue of Sinsinawa Spectrum in 2022,
we will print reflections from Sisters who responded to the question,

What do you love most about being a Dominican Sister of Sinsinawa?

Carolyn Wildrick, OP My life has been so enriched by the many Sisters I have lived and worked with, the lay people I have worked with, and all the children and adults I have ministered with as a teacher and chaplain. I have had opportunities and experiences far beyond what I could have asked for or imagined. I had three other communities of religious Sisters in grade school before I met the Sinsinawa Dominicans at Edgewood High School. When I met the Dominicans, I knew this community was for me! Yes, I’ve experienced challenges, smooth sailing, and ups and downs. I’m looking forward to a more normal life after the COVID pandemic, all with the help of the One who strengthens us and our Dominican pillars—prayer, study, ministry, and community.
Carolyn Wildrick, OP
Marie Celeste Gatti, OP I love most living in a Dominican community that, through prayer, study, and dialogue, we preach and teach gospel values with our lives.
Marie Celeste Gatti, OP
Joan Murray, OP One great gift of this community is that we are joyful women who encourage and appreciate one another. We are teacher and student to one another, and those roles are mutual and continually shifting. Though always in process, faltering and excelling, we are a community of happy, healthy, and holy women who continue to work at being faithful. I love and am ever grateful for the deep relationships with so many accomplished and generous women. I love that we, as a community, have both an acute sense of social justice and also the ability to laugh at ourselves and with one another. Laughter is one of the signs of our trust and intimacy.
Joan Murray, OP
Mary Paynter, OP I love the truly amazing, creatively inspiring, and remarkably good companions on my Dominican journey—my Order of Preachers Sisters!
Mary Paynter, OP
Mary Ewens, OP This lifestyle fits my needs and aspirations and supports service to the people of God.
Mary Ewens, OP
Sue Keim, OP I love our common mission, our prayer and study, and the deep affection we have for each other.
Sue Keim, OP
Stella Storch, OP I love that we are always seeking the truth.
Stella Storch, OP
Mary Houlihan, OP I love the Sisterhood that is so present in our Congregation—the friendship, care, concern, and support that is tangible in our everyday life. On a lighter note, I remember regional meetings we had when all those
ministering in a certain region would come together to share what we were doing. We would pray together in very meaningful ways and then, of course, party. We played fun games, put on programs, and laughed and had fun together. After such a weekend, we were ready to go back to our respective ministries refreshed and ready to give it our all.
Mary Houlihan, OP

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