Start a Facebook Fundraiser

by Barbara Brandt and Michael Ricke

Now you can participate in our congregation fundraising efforts through Facebook! If you have a Facebook account and are celebrating a birthday or some other significant event and would like to direct gifts to the Sinsinawa Dominican Congregation, we invite you to set up a Facebook fundraiser. From your personal Facebook page, tap on “What’s on your mind?,” then scroll down to “Raise money,” and from there, select “Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters,” and post the reason you are asking for donations (i.e., celebrating a birthday, honoring a Sister for jubilee, etc.). You can set a goal amount and watch the progress of your fundraiser from your Facebook page. The Congregation will be notified of your Facebook fundraiser, and Facebook will transfer the money raised automatically to the Philanthropy Office once your fundraiser closes.

Donations can also be sent directly from our Facebook page. Search for “Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters,” and then tap on the “Donate” button. Please let Barb Brandt or Michael Ricke know if you need assistance with either of these tasks. Happy fundraising!

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