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On the Cover (see above)

Sisters and Associates met at Sinsinawa Mound for Community Days 2019 from July 24 to 28. Prioress Toni Harris, OP, and other presenters outlined a plan for future sustainability at Sinsinawa. Read more on p. 6. Pictured on the cover (clockwise from top left) are Sr. Dorothy Kennedy, Associate Lornetta Hooks, Sr. Christin Tomy, Associate Candy Krepel, Sr. Reg McKillip, and Associate Michelle Horton working in the gardens at Community Days 2019. Photo by Sr. Laurie Brink; Sr. Christine Feagan shopping for supplies for immigrants crossing the Mexican border into El Paso, TX. Photo courtesy of Sr. Teresa Auad; Srs. Peggy Ryan, Quincy Howard, and Reg McKillip participate in the July 18 Catholic Day of Action for Immigrant Children in Washington, DC; and Srs. Jo Ann Timmerman and Christina Heltsley celebrate golden and ruby jubilee in July. Photo by Sr. Margaret Sheffield.

Prayer Service Held for Immigrant Children

Dubuque Area Catholic Sisters held a prayer service for immigrant children July 18 at Mount St. Francis Chapel, Dubuque, IA. Read more . . .

Creating Community
Sr. Carol Grateful for Connections

As I reflect on community life, I recall what a Sister told me long ago: Community doesn’t just happen; you create community. Read more . . .

Ruby, Golden Jubilee Sisters Celebrate Anniversaries

Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters celebrating 40 and 50 years of religious life were honored at Sinsinawa Mound July 12–14 by family and friends. Read more . . .

Exploring Art at St. Dominic Villa

In June, Christa Cunningham, OP, held watercolor painting classes at St. Dominic Villa at Sinsinawa. Sisters enjoyed painting sailboats. Read more . . .

Profession and Welcoming
Joyful Days for the Order of Preachers

On July 28, we rejoiced in celebrating the first profession of vows of Rhonda Miska, OP. Rhonda’s family, Sisters and Associates, friends, colleagues, and Sisters from other congregations gathered at Sinsinawa to witness her commitment as a Dominican Sister of Sinsinawa. Read more . . .

Newer Members Gather
Summer Opportunities Build Community

Sisters like to gather. We gather in groups with varied acronyms and functions: meetings, committees, networks, associations, etc. Read more . . .

Ecological Programming
Reconnecting with Earth

In my position as Ecological Programming Coordinator at Sinsinawa Mound, I see my role as being a facilitator for people in the wider community to reconnect with Earth. Read more . . .

Sinsinawa Ministry Fund
Junior Docents Enjoy Guiding Tours

Can you imagine a 4th grader as a tour guide in an art museum? For the past two years, grants from the Sinsinawa Ministry Fund have made this a reality for many children through the Junior Docent School Program at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Read more . . .

Fanjeaux, France
Deepening the Dominican Spirit

In late June, Laura Goedken, OP, and KC Young, OP, set out as pilgrims to Fanjeaux, France, on a pilgrimage titled Deepening the Dominican Spirit. We were grateful recipients of the congregation-wide raffle for this nine-day tour. Read more . . .

Celebrating St. Dominic Day

The Sinsinawa Dominican Congregation celebrated the feast day of St. Dominic Aug. 8 across the United States, in Trinidad and Tobago, and in Bolivia. Read more . . .

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