Evolving Landscape at Sinsinawa Mound Center

Sinsinawa Mound Center has served as the Motherhouse for the Dominican Sisters for 175 years and has served the surrounding area as a place of respite for nearly as long. There have been many transformations over time on this land as it has provided spiritual nourishment for many. We are poised for yet another transformational change. While there are some unknowns, we do know this: Sinsinawa Mound Center will continue to be a place of ministry and welcome to all, and the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters will maintain a presence here into the foreseeable future.

In 2023, Sisters in need of assisted living will move from the Mound to Muskego, Wisconsin. Twenty to 30 Sisters plan to continue living and working at Sinsinawa with a much smaller building footprint. The good news is that Sinsinawa Mound Center will continue to host programs, retreats, workshops, and events long into the foreseeable future. Sinsinawa Mound Collaborative Farm, as well as other ecological initiatives, will continue to utilize the natural beauty and unique character of Sinsinawa Mound. Our Sinsinawa Book & Gift Gallery will continue to operate, and the Congregation is exploring options for maintaining Sinsinawa Bakery. The Academy Apartments will continue to serve as housing for senior citizens. Sisters needing skilled care will continue to reside at St. Dominic Villa.

In regard to building space, the Sisters have begun a national search for a mission-aligned party (or parties) with the interest and resources to take ownership and make use of over 300,000 square feet of multi-use facility space—this includes the rotunda building which houses Queen of the Rosary Chapel and meeting/conference areas. We are open to creative arrangements and are not looking to profit from any transfer of ownership. You can learn more at www.sinsinawa.org/moundfuture which provides more information on the facility listings.

The Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa have identified and explored several promising and well-poised possibilities for the facilities. Partnering with others at Sinsinawa Mound could bring new forms of ministry and generate exciting activity in the tristate area. Uses related to restorative agriculture; spiritual renewal and recovery; vocational/workforce development; immigrant and refugee housing; and events, arts, or performance spaces would all be welcome. The Sisters are dedicated to maintaining a presence at Sinsinawa Mound and hope to find partners with similar values to share our campus. 

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We Want to Hear from You

What is your dream for the Mound? What programs, activities, and events would you like to see held here? Please share your thoughts with us by emailing center@sinsinawa.org.

Sinsinawa Mound Center

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