Samuel Mazzuchelli, OP: Tracing a Journey

Father Samuel Mazzuchelli, OP, was a pioneer Dominican priest who traveled the upper Midwest in the 1800s, establishing more than 30 parish communities and building churches and civic structures in the tristate area. Born in Italy in 1806, his steps are traced by boat,

horseback, and foot to explore his trials and triumphs as an immigrant and missionary to settlers and Native Americans. He also founded the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters in 1847. Upon his death, a penance chain was discovered around his waist. Many pray with this chain, asking for Father Samuel’s intercession and to receive special graces.

Constructed and assembled by 45 volunteers in 1999, our outdoor labyrinth consists of 6,000 limestone bricks placed end-to-end to form a perfectly round circle encompassing the symmetrical path walkways to the center. Walking the quadrants in this peaceful atmosphere among the natural surroundings enhances one’s meditation experience, usually exceeding expectations of the labyrinth.


Telling Our Story

This heritage exhibit recalls the early days at Sinsinawa Mound in the 1830s and the first pioneers who settled here. “Telling Our Story” also highlights the story of the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters. Antique furniture, historic photography, artwork, and household and convent items from the 1860s to 1900s are also on display.

Learn about the early days of Sinsinawa’s St. Clara Academy, a boarding school for young women and view valuable gifts to the Sisters, including unique pieces by the famed Wisconsin porcelain painter Susan B. Frackelton.

Sinsinawa Mound Center

585 County Road Z
Sinsinawa, WI 53824