Sinsinawa Mound Center offers retreats and programs as well as opportunities for personal reflection and renewal in a comfortable, rural setting.

Organ Concert: Sebastian Heindl (on site)

Sinsinawa Mound 585 County Road Z, Sinsinawa, WI

When well-respected musical masters experience a young performer and are aghast, astonished, and delighted by the level of technical ability and sheer artistry they see and hear, one pays close attention to their words of praise. The mind-boggling technical wizardry and kaleidoscopic tonal inventiveness exhibited by this German organist compelled the jury of the 2019 Longwood Gardens International Organ Competition, in deliberations which took under 30 minutes, to unanimously name him the Pierre S. du Pont First Prize Winner.

Sinsinawa Mound Center

585 County Road Z
Sinsinawa, WI 53824