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Sinsinawa Leadership Council

The Leadership Council of the Dominicans of Sinsinawa 2023-2028 includes (from left) Srs. Judith Schaefer, Christine Feagan, Christina Heltsley, Elizabeth Pawlicki, Julie Schwab, and Jeanne Tranel.


Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters are dedicated to preaching and teaching the Gospel. We believe that at the heart of ministry is relationship. Today, more than 250 Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters in the United States and abroad participate in the mission shared by all Dominicans: to proclaim the Gospel in word and deed. Currently, our missions outside the U.S. include Bolivia and Trinidad and Tobago.

Our home, Sinsinawa Mound, is located in southwest Wisconsin.


As Sinsinawa Dominican women,
we are called to proclaim the Gospel
through the ministry of preaching and teaching
in order to participate in the building of
a holy and just Church and society.


In a world graced by the Holy Spirit
yet wounded by divisions, exploitation, and oppression,
we are impelled by God’s tender mercy
to commit ourselves in partnership with others
to seek and foster right relationships
among all God’s people and with Earth that sustains us.

Direction 2023 – 2028

As joyful contemplative preachers, the Dominicans of Sinsinawa will take the risks that the Gospel demands to respond to the needs of the world. Ignited by our search for Truth, we call ourselves to—

  • Advocate for justice and practice social, ecological, and economic responsibility as called for in Laudato Si’ and our corporate stances;
  • Challenge injustices in the institutional Church and be a reconciling presence in the spirit of Dominic and Catherine;
  • Continue our commitment to become antiracist and practice nonviolence in word and action;
  • Strive for authenticity and integrity in our relationships with God, with one another, and with all Creation;
  • Be a healing and compassionate presence to one another and to those on the margins;
  • Embrace diversity as a blessing and cultivate a spirit of invitation and belonging; and
  • Nurture and honor one another in our spiritual growth and expression of faith.

about us

We believe that at the heart of ministry is relationship:
with the Trinity, Christ, Church, one another, and all of creation.

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