Sinsinawa dominican sisters


Justice Committees

Since 1980, committees have been involved in furthering the justice efforts of the Congregation. The past General Chapters (governing bodies of the Congregation) have affirmed and encouraged the work of these committees, and they have been instrumental in guiding our Congregation’s justice agenda.


At this time, the Office of Peace and Justice sponsors the following justice committees/initiatives:

Alternative Investment Advisory Committee makes recommendations to the Council (leadership team of the Congregation) regarding investments in projects having a human development purpose.

Care of Creation Committee works to achieve a more ecologically-friendly world through education and advocacy.

Faith and Resistance Working Circle resists current manifestations of injustice by action in faith and prayer, study, and personal conversion. In action with others, they engage in acts of nonviolent dissent.

Immigrant and Refugee Committee collaborates with other religious communities in identifying ways in which our Sisters, Associates, friends, and sponsored institutions might engage in specific efforts on behalf of immigrants and refugees.

Native Nations Solidarity Initiative researches and educates the congregation on the history of the Sinsinawa Mound area in relation to the native tribes. The initiative strives to build relationships with tribal partners and acknowledge the history of their presence long before the congregation settled on Sinsinawa Mound.

Restorative Justice Committee works to bring about restorative justice through education and advocacy. It also provides support for people in prison.