Sinsinawa dominican sisters


Contact a department

Write to any office listed below at 585 County Road Z, Sinsinawa, WI 53824-9701. Be sure to include the department name or contact person when addressing your envelope.

Archives Department
Providing information on Sinsinawa Dominican heritage, individual Sisters, schools that our Sisters have ministered at, and historical facts.
Phone (608) 748-4411, ext. 870

Providing information on bread and other baked goods.
Phone (608) 748-4411, ext. 111

Book & Gift Gallery
Providing information on the art gallery, books, and gifts sold at Sinsinawa Mound.
Phone (608) 748-4411, ext. 849

Communication Office
Providing information on all Sinsinawa Dominican communication, including our website. Use the following information if you would like to submit feedback or have a question regarding our website.
Phone (608) 748-4411, ext. 270

Father Samuel Mazzuchelli, OP
Providing information regarding Venerable Samuel Mazzuchelli.
Phone (608) 748-4411, ext. 870

Mound Center Guest Services
Providing information on events, retreats, conferences, and workshops at Sinsinawa Mound Center.
Phone (608) 748-4411, ext. 811

Peace and Justice Office
Providing information on peace and justice issues.
Phone (608) 748-4411, ext. 164

Office of Philanthropy
Providing information on making a donation and other ways to be in relationship with the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters.
Phone (608) 748-4411, ext. 273

Relationships for Mission
Providing information on discernment, becoming a Sister, or becoming an Associate.
Phone (608) 748-4411