Dominican Vision May 2024

On the Cover

Recently, several Sisters from Sinsinawa Mound visited Glass Heritage in Davenport, IA, to view progress of the restoration work on the stained glass windows from St. Clara Chapel at Sinsinawa. “Seeing four of our stained glass windows being repaired was an educational experience,” said Sister Mary Ann Mueninghoff, OP. “I was fascinated by the delicate work of water washing the panes, picking and replacing broken segments of glass, and the close attention to how natural lighting might be enhanced in St. Clara Chapel.”

Thank you for your generous donations to our St. Clara Chapel restoration project. It’s not too late to make a donation! Donate online at

From left: Srs. Mary Margaret (Marie Antoine) Murphy, Mary Ann Mueninghoff, and Marilyn (Antonietta) Aiello view the restoration work on one of the stained glass windows from St. Clara Chapel with Mark Stoffer Hunter of Glass Heritage.

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