Sister Julie Rambin


Austin, TX

Received as Novice:
August 7, 2022

Work background
Registered Nurse

Present ministry
Canonical year at the Collaborative Dominican Novitiate

Other interests
Cooking, baking, sewing, crocheting. I usually say “reading” but to be perfectly honest it’s more book-collecting than reading..

What attracted me to this community
I spent much of 2020 caring for COVID ICU patients, and being present at so many deaths changed me. I experienced God’s life-giving presence in the midst of illness, isolation, and terrible suffering. I started to pray more regularly and think about what my life would mean. I began to believe that God was inviting me to live religious life in community with others while continuing to work in health care.

Dominican spirituality, with its emphasis on study as a spiritual discipline, was an important piece of the puzzle. A Dominican priest who had been a college classmate suggested Sinsinawa. Though the congregation’s historical mission has involved Catholic education, Sisters have engaged in a diverse range of ministries according to their gifts and calling. The experience of balancing prayer, study, community life, and ministry, while not always easy, has been life-giving for me.