Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa Unveil Logo

The Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa unveiled a new congregation logo in December, featuring the familiar, traditional Dominican shield with a modern edge. The public can expect to see this new look on the congregation website, social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), letters, and anywhere Sisters are building relationships and conducting business. The updated logo better represents who the Sinsinawa Dominicans are today as Catholic Sisters working with others as they continue to build a holy and just Church and society.

While the black and white shield still remains the central element of the logo from the founding days of the congregation in 1847 and the Dominican Order in 1216, blue and green pathways have been added to illustrate the Sisters’ commitment to boldly confront injustice with truth whether that be in the form of calling for social justice and an end to systemic racism or by caring for Earth, our common home. “We are a hopeful, forward-moving Congregation, and we wanted that reflected in our logo,” said Prioress Toni Harris, OP. “The movement of the pathways, each leading beyond the previous one, illustrates our itinerancy and dynamism. We make profession and then set out to partner with others in preaching and teaching the Gospel as we encounter the emerging realities of our world.”

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