We embrace the vision of becoming antiracist and multicultural by intentionally dismantling our racist structures, practices, and procedures. We commit ourselves to use the lens of antiracism to examine and redefine all aspects of our life, mission, and ministry so that we can create a new identity that is antiracist. We want to collaborate with others who challenge racism in the world and work to transform it into a holy and just society for all.

The Antiracism Transformation Team facilitates the Sinsinawa Dominican commitment to examine and redefine all aspects of our life and mission so that we may embody our identity as an antiracist, multicultural institution.

Caucusing is used to strengthen the team. Caucus groups consist of a people of color caucus and a white people caucus. Each month, groups explore questions about how racism impacts their work on the team. Then, the two caucus groups come back together as a team and share their insights. They are then better able to understand, confront, and dismantle racism within the team itself and within the institutional setting of which it is a part. Caucusing creates a foundation upon which to build concrete organizing strategies for people of color and white people to work together as antiracist allies.

Antiracism Resources
Doctrine of Discovery: 
Mark Charles—Race, Trauma, and the Doctrine of Discovery:
National Native News:

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